Grade Yellow Sapphire: 7800 INR for every Ratti or


Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire: 7800 INR for every Ratti or 13000 INR for each carat

Overly Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire: 10000 INR for every Ratti or 16000 INR for every carat

The cost of the genuine incredible best quality yellow sapphire depends mostly o n its shading and lucidity. The more profound the yellow shade of the pearl, more prominent could be the expense. Also, the more unrivaled the clearness of the stone, the more noteworthy the cost of the yellow sapphire stone is.

Upgraded, warmed or treated yellow sapphire, which is generally recognized in the commercial center these days, is far less estimated than the regular untreated ston es. Untreated and unheated eye clean Ceylon yellow sapphire (Sri Lankan) accompany the determination of $100 per carat to $400 per carat, be that as it may, in light of the nature of the stone, it can far surpass this cost wide variety.

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